About Carmel Forge

Carmel Forge was founded in 1961 and is a self-contained modern and comprehensive forging house producing a wide range of both Titanium and Nickel Alloy parts for the Aero Engine and Power Generation Industries. Our up-to-date equipment includes two 12,000 Ton computer controlled Screw Presses, a powerful fully automated Ring Rolling Facility, additional presses for pre-forming, computer controlled electrical Heat Treatment Furnaces, Etching Lines, fully automated Ultra Sonic Immersion Tanks, a modern cellular built Machine Shop, extanded Laboratories and a wide range of Robot Manipulators.

Carmel Forge’s Mission is to fully support its valued customers, leading Power Plant manufacturers around the globe, by:

  • Providing high level quality products.
  • Increasing safety performance levels.
  • Decreasing operational costs.
  • Shortening the lead time between receipt of specifications and final delivery of products.
  • Concurrent Engineering capabilities on new programs.
  • Pull system capabilities.
  • Real-Time Logistic visibility through the Internet on a 24/7 basis.

Carmel Forge guarantee its products to not only meet customer’s expected standards, but surpass them.

All departments - Engineering, Metallurgy Quality Assurance and Production are fully dedicated to the stated goals of this mission. To ensure it is constantly fulfilled Carmel Forge have established innovative R&D; highly efficient operating & management methods; state-of-the-art forging technologies; and the most stringent criteria of quality control.

The introduction of a unique Forging Simulation System supports Carmel Forge’s engineers in calculating improved processes to lower production costs and significantly shortening the lead time between order placement and delivery of products.