Sponsoring the Kids' at the Community Center

Carmel Forge took sponsorship of the childrens' after-school community center in the neighboring town of Tirat Carmel. The center provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities for children of the age 6 to 11 year old from socio-economically challenged families.

The sponsorship is carried out in 2 manners:

  • An annual monetary contribution, which is designated to fund clubs and activities which take place outside of the community center's premises, such as a swimming club, a gymnastic dance club, year - end celebrations, a subscription to a children's magazine, etc.

  • Volunteer activities conducted by Carmel Forge employees, with the children at the center as well as outdoors. The volunteers celebrate Israeli holidays with the children, take them on field trips, perform crafts and play games together. The volunteers also do maintenance jobs on the site´╗┐.

Once a year the children from the center are invited for a plant tour of Carmel Forge, and are given a short lesson about the industry. We trust that these children will occupy positions in the future in productive jobs, and escape their present unfortunate circumstances.´╗┐