Delight the customer

Carmel Forge is proud that it's prestigious customers (all global leaders in the industry) attest to the fact that Carmel Forge has attained unanticipated levels of quality control excellence, while at the same time, drastically shortening delivery times.

These two major factors significantly contribute to an overall cost reduction in the customer's final product.

Carmel Forge's extremely high level of quality assurance is guaranteed by no less then 5 Quality Control Stations strategically placed at all critical stages of the production process.

The secret of Carmel Forge's competitive strength lies in its swiftly executed in-depth development procedures.

Carmel Forge also offers it's customers:

  • High grade of flexibility.
  • Excellent performance on new parts development - with very short lead times.
  • Implementation of a "Pull System" to guarantee on time deliveries of the exact quantity required.
  • Increased value added to the parts.
  • Long Term Partnership to guarantee availability of material, parts and price stability.
  • Full access to the work in progress of customer's products through the Internet through a part tracking system and access with a personal password.