Carmel Forge code of ethics

In seeking positive outcomes, Carmel Forge's process for decision-making includes the following steps: involving the right people, understanding the facts, understanding the legal requirements, considering the duties owed to stakeholders and the impact of alternative decisions, comparing alternatives with reference to company values, making a tentative decision that is lawful and seems best, and asking "Should I?"

Our Customers

We will provide high quality and value,competitive prices and honest transactions to those who use our products and services.

We will deal lawfully and ethically with our customers.

Our Employees

We will treat employees fairly and useemployment practices based on equal opportunity for all employees. Wewill respect the interests of employees in privacy and treat employees with dignity and respect.We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and an atmosphere of open communication for all our employees.

Our Suppliers and Partners

We will deal fairly with our suppliers and partners.We will seek long-lasting business relationships, without discrimination or deception.

Our Shareowners

We will work to provide a superior return to our shareowners.We will safeguard the value of their investment through the prudent use and protection of corporate resources, and by observing the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in all our business dealings.

Our Competitors

We will compete vigorously, independently and fairly, basing our efforts on the merits of our competitive offerings.

Our Communities

We will be a responsible corporate citizen ofthe communities worldwidein which we operate.We will abide by all national and local laws, and we will strive to improve the well-being of our communities through the protection of natural resources, through the encouragement of employee participation in civic and charitable affairs, and through corporate philanthropy.