Taking care of

our customers

is our professionality

Our quality

Carmel Forge main goal is to be a leading organization in the quality of forgings and provide world class reliable products meeting customer expectations.

  • Improvements in quality and processes constitute an integral part of the overall activities in the organization.
  • Carmel Forge quality team supports and follows all steps from the development of the products up to FAI completion.
  • Quality is the responsibility of all company employees, senior managers, department managers, team leaders and workers.

Carmel Forge operates in-house fully equipped metallurgical, chemical and mechanical laboratories, which enable control of the quality during all production processes.

In House Tests include: stress rapture, hardness, room and elevated tensile testing, Grain flow, FPI, MPI, Micro Spot Inspection & Sonic inspection. (Over 4,000 tests are conducted annually)

Carmel Forge will not be satisfied until its workplace is safe from hazards, its employees are injury-free, its products and services are safe, and its commitment and record in compliance, sustainability, and protection of the natural environment are unmatched.

Taking Care of Our Customers
  • Carmel Forge offers the shortest Time To Market (TTM).
  • Responsiveness our customers benefit from a single point of contact per discipline – QA, Metallurgy, Engineering.
  • On-going technical conference calls with all customers.
  • Monitoring of all production steps is maintained both by computerized control systems and video systems monitoring the critical production steps.
  • Full transparency, cooperation and support during day to day work as well as during audits.
  • On Time Delivery – meeting customer’s needs.
  • Approval for special processes including: NDT, heat treatments, chemical processing, material testing