Carmel Forge is active in hot conversion by close-die forging and rolling of special steels, superalloys & titanium. The main products are Torque Frame, Disc, Gear, rotating seal, bearing housing ,Case, ring, Rotor, Flange, Hub, impeller, stub shaft produced by closed-die forgings and rolled seamless rings.

Production Capabilities
  • Unique combination of Closed Die forging & Ring Roller
  • Forging & Ring Roller simulation
  • Die design and production
  • Pre-forming 2400 tons hydraulic press
  • Closed die forging – 2 X 12,000 tons computer controlled screw presses
  • Fully automated ring-rolling line 250 tons vertical & horizontal
  • Computer controlled electrical heat treatment furnaces
  • Solution Aging, Tempering, Quenching (oil, water and forced air)
  • Machine Shop
  • Fully automated ultrasonic immersion lab. etching & FPI Lines
  • Water jet cutting & EDM (specimen extraction)
  • Fully equipped metallurgical & mechanical laboratories
Production envelope
  • Discs, Gears, Impellers, Hubs and Stub-shafts torque frames up to 450mmØ (Nickel Base) to 650 mmØ (Titaium Base) and a weight of 400Kg (880lb)
  • Cases, Seals, rings, flanges, Rotating seals, (Seamless Rings) up to 1800 mm OD and a weight of 450 Kg (1000 lb)
  • Forging – Press

    We use 12,000-ton screw presses and a 2000-ton hydraulic press.

  • Material cutting and robotic Chamfering

  • Carmel-Forge LTD

  • Heat Treatment

    Programmable Loader with max. 50 sec. transfer to quenching

  • ONE

  • Dimensional Inspection (CMM)

    Four CMMs capable of testing parts up to 80” (2m) in diameter

  • Water-Jet Specimen Cutting

    2-axis Water Jet Cutting System 6-axis Robotic Water Jet Cutting System EDM cutting machine

  • Mechanical Laboratory

    Elevated/Room Temp. Tensile Testing Machines w/4 furnaces 37 Stress Rupture machines

  • Forging - Ring Roller

    Elevated/Room Temp. Computer controlled Ring Roller 250/250 ton with 2 Rotating Furnaces

  • Extended Machine Shop

  • Etching Line

    Three fully programmable Etching lines

  • Sonic Laboratory

    Eight computer controlled Sonic Systems Multi Zone inspection capabilities with central control

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forging-icon Forging
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marking-icon Marking
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